Do you know what to say
but only 5 minutes later?!

Conference / chat (3d isolated characters series)Thinking On Your Feet  is a programme to help you and your team develop the most challenging of all the presentation skills: the ability to speak effectively ‘off-the-cuff’ with little preparation.

–  It’s essential when in meetings, negotiating or dealing with conflict.

– How do you handle the dreaded Q&A – you’ve just delivered a great prepared presentation but let yourself down with lots of umm’s and err’s and woffling round the houses when trying to answer questions without your script.

Your ability – or inability – to speak up and engage naturally can absolutely kill your credibility and cost you a LOT of business.  Or it can bring you big wins.

Like all skills, Thinking On Your Feet can be learned and can be improved over time.  It is the most consummate of communication skills, for those who want the confidence to stand out from the crowd.

We could run a one-off workshop – it’s great fun, so ideal for team-building.  To really develop this gift, to create real skill and confidence, a programme of a few sessions will make a world of difference.

This programme works well with experienced speakers as well as those who are a complete nervous wreck (don’t worry, you are NOT alone!). 

I run a monthly debating club and it’s great to see how both novices and experienced speakers rise to the challenge, with growing confidence every time.

Debate Training Club Reviews

Here are a few of the Reviews you can see on the site at

“As always the group was fun, everyone was so friendly. Scott is a great facilitator with lots of advice and tips on debating and ways to improve confidence. I look forward to the next group.”

“A very good way to just get in there and speak in public. It also helps I realise, to do this in front of people I didn’t know before, Excellent group and host. It is also especially better for the host, Scott! Scott is very good at what he does and inspires confidence in you too!!

“You don’t need to have ever spoken before – Scott tells you all you need to know. Every session has been a lot of fun and has taught me a lot about myself and debating. Highly recommended if you’re terrified of public speaking and want to get better in a friendly, supportive environment.”

“Although there were a few experienced debaters, most of us were novices – it was not intimidating to give it a go – nothing better than developing skills in a safe and supportive environment. Feedback is constructive – always a bonus when you don’t feel you have been criticised!