What clients say

Here is a sample of the positive comments I am delighted to have received from clients and from various workshops.

Successsaved me around £30,000

“Before I engaged Scott’s help, I had been put into a very confrontational, stressful business situation.

As a wealth management specialist, I was competent, intelligent and professional but was completely debilitated by the situation which was affecting both business and home life.

Scott brought instant clarity, as well as emotional support, which gave me a far better understanding of the situation. He attended a very difficult meeting with me, not as a lawyer but as a support, and it was absolutely invaluable. With his legal insight and disarming ability to defuse a potentially very hostile situation, the outcome of that meeting saved me around £30,000 and I wonder what I would have agreed to had I not had Scott’s support.”
SF, Wealth Management Specialist

sensible and sensitive approach

“Scott has been a great support through a very difficult business situation. Close friends and family shared my stress and their advice was understandably more angry than Scott’s practical, measured approach.

trust-in-handsHe really does bring a sensible and sensitive approach to analysing difficult, challenging situations. He helped me make the right decision for me, without telling me what to do or in any way judging me for the situation I had (partly) put myself in.

I had been completely stuck and just didn’t know how to move forward. By understanding my situation, offering welcome ideas and giving me a nudge in the right direction, then keeping in touch to make sure I kept the momentum going, Scott definitely helped me through a very trying time.”
CL, Business Owner

I still remember your training

“Whenever negotiating I still remember your training and how the other person is looking for something too, understanding what that is and working with that.

Your training is practical tips from someone that is practical and relevant – and in the real world – that people can use and remember easily.”
Alastair Davis, Chief Executive,
Social Investment Scotland

a better awareness

“One of the main issues I took away from the negotiation skills workshop was gaining a better awareness of when/how other people were negotiating with me. Knowing the different kinds of negotiation tactics helps me to spot them”
Iain Brown, Solicitor

you really bring the human side

Always Listen First“If I had to single out one issue on which your negotiation skills training helps people the most, it is probably dealing with the emotional aspect of going into negotiations.

For example, being unprepared to deal with the pain and disappointment of initial rejection, being unprepared or unable to ask for what they believe their work is really worth (women probably particularly vulnerable here), and even lacking the resilience to seal the deal when the other party would be willing to close positively.

I have found your training to be thought provoking on many levels but I think you really bring the human side to what many feel is a difficult skill to master”
Kim Van Deere, SecuriGroup

to praise Scott and his material

“My company hosted an annual conference and training event for our franchisee partners. We were delighted to have a workshop on conflict resolution led by Scott Johnston as part of our programme.

Conflict resolution is an emotive subject and I was concerned about how our delegates would respond to this workshop, especially when led by a non-industry specific trainer. However, my fears were unfounded and the entire group responded positively and found tangible and lasting benefit. Several delegates proactively contacted me after the event to praise both Scott and his material and spoke highly of how relevant they found the experience.

Scott was particularly easy to deal with when arranging the event and responded to last minute requests very positively. I can highly recommend Scott and we will certainly be using his services in the future.”
Carolyn Dunion, Managing Director
Contempo Lettings