Essential skills for success

These workshops and programmes will be ideal for your:

  • Negotiation Skills Seminarfee earners
  • professionals
  • new managers
  • young professionals

One-off Workshops

If it’s all you’re looking for, we can choose from a number of interactive workshops in various communication and business skills

Of course, an ongoing programme is much more effective than a one-off workshop… but it’s up to you!

Built up over my 20+ years in the legal world – giving advice, negotiating conflicts, courtroom litigation – these are excellent skills for your team to develop even if they are not lawyers, such as:

  • networking
  • facilitation
  • coaching

These can be bitesize sessions or half-day, full-day or longer depending on what will suit you best.

I’m a real fan of negotiating.  If you are too, you might enjoy my Negotiation Nuggets – a series of emailed quick tips.

Workshop Programmes

– Personally Proactive™
– Rising Stars™

These are very much ‘skills based’ interactive workshops brought together into a programme.  It’s much more effective than one-off workshops.

ALFA-Leadership-Business-PeopleI designed these programmes to ensure that the essential skills are actually learned and their application in the workplace, and to client care, is really understood.

These programmes can be tailored to your own needs, cherry-picking the right modules for your professionals, young professionals and new managers.

– Personally Proactive™
is a modular programme of workshops I have designed to boost confidence and develop essential interpersonal skills.

‘Skills for business, Skills for life’ such as communication, presentations, negotiation, conflict and networking, as well as confidence and assertiveness.

These skills and attributes are crucial when it comes to building and maintaining excellent client and colleague relationships.

– Rising Stars™ is a programme for your people managers.  I designed this as a supplement to Personally Proactive™ – it adds in the fundamentals of ‘Management Matters’ and ‘Employment Law Essentials’.

It’s specifically aimed at new and aspiring managers.  Add these modules to the Personally Proactive™ Programme:

  • the ‘coach approach’
  • discipline and grievance
  • bullying and harassment
  • recruitment and selection
  • managing absence
  • managing performance
  • discrimination and diversity
  • avoiding Employment Tribunals

We can tailor the programmes and modules to fit your particular circumstances, so please do call me for an informal chat whilst you’re pulling your thoughts together.