Not because you are weak…
because you are ready to grow

executive coachingIt’s lonely at the top, isn’t it?

  • Who can you really speak openly with?
  • Who points out your blind spots?
  • Are there too many ‘yes men’?

This is the true value of Executive Coaching:
the 1-2-1 time, just for you.

Thinking time.

Your issues. Your success.

A sounding-board.  Supportive yet challenging.

Leaders want external support

A recent survey* uncovered that almost two-thirds of CEOs and half of Senior Executives do not receive outside leadership advice. Yet, nearly all want it.

*Stanford University and The Miles Group, 2013.

In these modern times, coaching is no longer perceived only as ‘remedial’. Nowadays it is recognised as an essential – and popular – performance improvement tool. 

Just like all those elite athletes who have a coach.

Over 40% of the leaders surveyed said conflict management was the issue they most wanted support with. Again, that’s to be expected. Most issues that come to your desk only get there because there is a difficult decision to be made – which often has some level of conflict associated with it.

Yet only one-third were actually receiving that coaching support. That means there is a LOT of conflict festering away, waiting to be addressed. Is this holding your business back?

Executive Coaching for you

Executive Coaching is not for everyone.  It’s not easy. More…